About Us

The Yavapai Cattle Growers Association, founded in 1932, has 300 members and has worked for generations to support the ranching community and youth involved in agriculture in Yavapai County, Arizona. The focus of the organization has increased to include educating an ever growing popluation three or more generations removed from the land about the benefits of ranching to open space and of course the most wholesome, nutritiously complete source of protein–BEEF!

Our Mission:

To promote, protect and portray the positive benefits of ranching and beef to our local communities, states and the world. Beef, from gate to plate to by-products, it can’t be surpassed.

2016-2017 Officer Team:

President: Keith Cannon, Chino Valley
Vice President: Larry Parker, Rimrock
Secretary/Treasurer: Robin Cannon, Rimrock

Board of Directors (Terms expire in March 2016)

Keith Cannon, Rimrock
Robin Cannon, Rimrock
Don Godard, Cornville
Don Glasgow, Yarnell
Paul Hicks, Prescott
Margaret Kellis, Bagdad
Bill Kenson, Peeples Valley
Alan Kessler, Mayer
Danny Major, Chino Valley
Swayze McCraine, Prescott
Fred Teskey, Dugas
Carole Wagner, Humboldt
Vicki Wilkinson, Chino Valley


Board of Directors (Terms expire in March 2017)

Trudy Birkemeyer, Mayer
Sam Brown, Chino Valley
Ron Fain, Prescott Valley
Steve Huddleston, Prescott
KJ Kasun, Camp Wood
Enoch MaLouff, Mayer
Mark Moore, Congress
Gary Mortimer, Dewey
Mike Olsen, Chino Valley
Larry Parker, Yarnell
Richard Smyer, Chino Valley
Betty Wells, Chino Valley


Honorary Board

Robert Baker
Jack Bohning*
Lucille Collier*
Danny Freeman*
Ruthann Kizer
Pete Groseta, Jr*
Boyd Tenney*

Membership Affiliates: